Our Classrooms

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made" -Psalm 139:14
Our curriculum 

Here at Graceview ELC we embrace the ABCJesusLovesMe Curriculum. Here is a little more information about it, and after you learn about it you'll understand why we value this curriculum so much. 


  • The ABCJesusLovesMe curriculum has, at its core, 5 comprehensive, research-based curricula for ages 1-5 that focus on academics, development, and Bible learning through play. Teachers take into consideration all learning based theories when making their lesson plans, keeping each individual child in mind.  

​Quad Area 

This area is designed specifically for children 2 years of age and under. We provide plenty stimulation to keep them moving as well as provide a safe, home-like environment for them to practice their social skills. In this play area we promote sharing, empathy, and encourage positive behavior.

While we like to keep children together based on their age, we also keep in mind that all children develop at different rates. It is because of this that not all children in a classroom are exactly the same age. 

Quad Classrooms - "The Quad Squad"

Exploring Elephants: Infants ( 6 weeks until crawling)

Playful Piglets: Infants (crawling)

Lively Ladybugs: New Walkers 

Toddling Turtles: Toddlers 

​Hallway Classrooms 

The older children in our school are in a hallway specifically for them. In this hallway they are grouped together according to age, including for morning and afternoon extended care. These age groups are more academic focused, as well as emphasizing the importance of friendship, classroom structure, and accepting others as God made them. 

Hall Classrooms - "The Hallway Heroes"

Fabulous Foxes: Young Two's 

Outstanding Owls: Older Two's

Marvelous Monkeys:  Early 3's

Rockin' Raccoons: Older 3's-Young 4's 

Leaping Llamas: Pre-K, Mid-Late 4's 

Busy Bees: Pre-K, Mid-Late 4's