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School-wide Fundraiser

We'd love for you to share the link below with co-workers and families and encourage them to purchase a wreath or two, to support your child's classroom (give them the class name so they can select it on the order form!)! You of course can share the flyer, or again, just send out this direct link to the order form! Thanks for your help in making the fun fundraiser a success!


Family Fun Night!

Friday, October 27th
Join us for a free fun night here at Graceview - food games, petting zoo, pony rides, and our "Cutest Kids Costume Parade"! You are welcome to invite your family and friends to join us for this fun and free event!


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Holiday Dates to be aware of:

We will be Closed:
November 22-24 for Thanksgiving
December 21-January 3rd for Christmas/New Years


Christmas Program

We have 2 opportunities for your kids to perform their Christmas program:
Friday, 12/8 at 6:30pm (the whole school will participate), and
Sunday, 12/10 at 3:00pm (our kids will be part of the larger Church program called "The Spirit of Christmas" - with traditional music and celebration for your entire family).

Older  Updates:












***Announcing “School Age Learning Labs” childcare options for school age kids! Space is LIMITED!***

We know that these ever-changing times have been difficult to navigate as you consider care options for your preschoolers. It has been our privilege to partner with you during these times as we provide quality care for your smallest family members.

With the latest announcement just coming from our local school districts (virtual learning only), we want you to know that we have been anticipating, considering and now planning to offer care for your older students as well.

Our plan is to open several classrooms in order to host School Age Learning Labs. Depending on need and enrollment, students would be placed in small groups, with similar aged children, in classrooms with a qualified teacher to assist and facilitate their virtual schooling.

We would offer a full day option for parents who are working full time and need childcare as well as help with virtual learning. We would also offer part time care options for parents who are simply needing help in the facilitation of virtual learning for part of the day.

At this time, we are in the planning process and will have further details regarding schedules, registration, and tuition in the next few days! We anticipate launching these Learning Labs on the first day of our Fall Session, Wed. Aug. 5th.

Please send an email to Lauren at if you are interested and would like further information!


Parents of our 2020 Fall Students:


We are so looking forward to the start of the new school year, and are thankful for the opportunity to live out our mission as we partner with you parents in the care of your precious kids. The start date for the Fall session is Wednesday, August 5, 2020. You can find the entire school year calendar on our website. 


You will receive an official “Fall 2020 Welcome Letter” soon, which will have all the details of the procedures that are in effect, based on all the guidance from our regulatory agencies, regarding all COVID-19 health and safety mandates.


In this letter, I need to focus on one item from our “ELC Parent Handbook” that you will be seeing an amendment to. It is a revision in our “Program Registration” and specifically within our “Change of Program” and “Withdrawl from Care” sections. The revised policy is as follows:

Two weeks prior to the beginning of any session registered for, the specific program that a student is registered for will be “locked in”. This means that once you have selected the program (number of days, part/full time), and it is “locked in” (based on date), you are responsible for the full payment of that program fee.  All fees will be charged in full, beginning on the first day of the scheduled program session. “Change of Program” requests to downgrade a current program, require a 1 month notice. “Withdrawl from Care” forms must be signed and submitted in person, on or before the 10th day of any month, in order to stop program fees for the following month. “Change of Program” requests to upgrade a current program will be reviewed right away and approved if the request is able to be granted, pending the payment of the “Change of Program” fee.


A few explanations:

-          As a “not for profit”, we rely on steady income projections in order to budget, hire, and retain excellent staff.

-          While the benefit of being able to change program options remains, the time-frames have been added to help us adequately prepare for those changes.

-          While the benefit of delaying your child’s start date, as well as the benefit of your freedom to keep your child out of care for any reason remains, this brings clarity to the policy that the full program rate will be charged from day 1 of the session.

-          The heart of Graceview ELC is as a ministry to our community, and our ability to remain a viable business to accomplish that mission, dictates the need to rely on set policies.

-          The program “locked in” date for the upcoming session is Wednesday, 7/22/20.


We recognize that we are operating in a time where most things in our lives which used to be so “known” and “steady state” are now completely unknown or in constant flux. We are all on information overload and that information changes quickly, yet understanding and deciphering it all can be tricky at best. We understand that committing to childcare is a huge decision, when your own job situation may be unknown, and your older children’s school schedules may be changing. But we have also learned, over these past 4 months – from sudden closure, to being able to reopen under “Emergency Care” guidelines, and continuing now under “Open Texas” mandates – that childcare is essential. 


At Graceview ELC, we believe that consistent structure is key to the social/emotional and educational development of kids, and are committed to doing all of the hard things required, so that we can remain a steady and stabilizing influence in the life of your child, by providing service that is as uninterrupted as possible.


We are grateful for the trust you place in us to continue providing a Christ-centered environment of teaching and nurturing as we partner with you parents in building a foundation for each preschooler’s future educational and salvation experience.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns, any time, at, or by phone at 281-357-1121.


Best Regards,


Lauren Wood

Graceview ELC Director




UPDATE, 6/9/20


Hey ELC Families! We are in our second week of reopening for our Summer Session! It has been a whirlwind, to say the least! We are loving having your kiddos back in school and they are rocking this transition! Each day brings more comfort with the new routines, for all of us!


I want to remind us all though, to not grow complacent in our “comfort with the new routines”! We are still operating under the very strict “emergency operations” directions of the “Open Texas Minimum Standards Health Protocols for Child care centers” due to COVID-19. Please reference and remember the “Checklist for Families” that you’ve all received, as all of its guidance is still in place! All of this is to protect the health of each staff member, child and all of our families!


Y’all have been doing an incredible job, so keep it up! Use those daily communication forms to let us know of ANYTHING we should be aware of! Please make a careful evaluation of your kiddo each day to ensure they are well and eligible to come to the ELC. If you notice something at home, even if it is NOT fever or one of the known COVID symptoms that would exclude them from care, we’d ask you to let us know! Everyone’s health is our priority, always, but especially under these very unusual circumstances! Thank you for understanding that ANY “new or worsening” symptoms will cause us to call you to come pick up your child and potentially require a doctors note for them to return to care. Again, we are following all of the guidance required to keep the ELC open and all of our friends well!


Thanks for partnering with us in all of this! We continue to pray for you and your families! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you questions or concerns!


Lauren Wood
Graceview ELC Director







Welcome to the Graceview ELC 2020 Summer Session! 

Dates of Summer Session 2020: June 1-July 31. Closed on Friday, July 3rd (holiday).

We are so excited to have you back and/or welcome you to the Graceview Family! This is a joyous time for us, as we have prayed for the re-opening of our center since March! 

As you know, there are many new guidelines and protocols that we are required to follow in order to make the very best effort to keep everyone safe and healthy. You will find specific and detailed information in this email which will help ensure a smooth drop off and pick up process this first week and beyond. Please refer to the previously posted PDF Checklist for very important information you need to know. 

Checklist of necessary forms:

  1. Forms found on our website that you will need to bring with you on your first day back with us:


  • If you are new to the ELC, we will need your completed Registration Packet at the time of Drop Off. 

  • ALL students: Current Child Care Waiver.

  • All Students: Daily Communication Form. Part of our new protocol includes a new “Home to School” communication form. This is a form that we need from you each day that will communicate to your child’s teacher any information they will need to best care for your child throughout the day. We will send several blank forms home on the first day, or you may print them from our website and bring one filled out each day. This form will tell your child’s teacher what kind of night they had, if they’ve eaten breakfast, and any other important information. One will have to be received from you each day, so you can definitely save time by pre-filling it out BEFORE you arrive each morning.

  • ALL infants in the Elephant room, both new and returning, will need to provide an updated Infant Feeding Schedule at this time. 


 2.     A.M. Drop of Procedures


     a. Children enrolled for FULL Day (6:30 – 6:00): Parents will be dropping off at the front of the ELC between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM (this drop-off window is required because of current protocols).  You will pull up to the open drive-thru lane, and a staff member will meet you. Your child’s temperature will be taken and they will be visually assessed for any symptoms of illness. We are not able to accept any child with symptoms of illness or a temperature that reads 100.4 or higher. Please refer to the previously posted guidelines regarding this topic (See “Open Texas Checklist for Families”). At that point, we will receive your child, their “Home to School” communication form, and their belongings. They will then enter the building, have their hands washed, and be walked to their classroom. 


     b. Children enrolled for the PreSchool Only Program (9:30-2:30):  Parents will be dropping off at the front of the ELC between 9:15 AM and 9:45 AM (this drop-off window is required because of current protocols). You will pull up to the open drive-thru lane, and a staff member will meet you. Your child’s temperature will be taken and they will be visually assessed for any symptoms of illness. We are not able to accept any child with symptoms of illness or a temperature that reads 100.4 or higher. Please refer to the previously posted guidelines regarding this topic (See “Open Texas Checklist for Families”). At that point, we will receive your child, their “Home to School” communication form, and their belongings. They will then enter the building, have their hands washed, and be walked to their classroom.


3.    P.M. Pick Up Procedures


     a.  Children enrolled for FULL Day (6:30 – 6:00): Parents may pick up at any time. Once you have arrived at the ELC drive-thru lane, please call our office and a staff member will bring your child and their belongings to your vehicle. Your child will have their “Daily Sheet”, explaining how the day went. 


     b.  Children enrolled for the PreSchool Only Program (9:30-2:30): PreSchool Only friends must be picked up promptly at 2:30. You will pull up to the drive-thru lane and a staff member will bring your child and their belongings to your vehicle. Your child will have their “Daily Sheet”, explaining how the day went. 



Stay up-to-date with all of our communication and announcements via our school Facebook page: @graceviewelc . Also, our website,  contains all the information and forms and updates, as well as links to our online payment system - ShelbyNext. While you’re there, take a minute to register now for Fall! Our new school year begins August 5th, so save your child’s spot now!


Again, welcome back to the ELC! We are looking forward to a great Summer. We want to thank you for entrusting your child to our care. We are praying for you and your family, and specifically praying for health for all of our ELC family during this time!


Please reach out to me at if you have any questions or concerns, at any time! 


Grace and Peace,

Lauren Wood

Graceview ELC Director



Hey ELC Families - 

Our teachers came back to work today, and we are so thrilled to be getting ready to welcome everyone for Summer Session, starting June 1st!

Have YOU registered??? Here's the link for the form:


We NEED you to complete this by 9am on Thursday 5/28, because we have new families waiting to hear if we have spots available! We are giving current families PRIORITY, but will open those spots on Thursday! So don't delay! Sign-up today!😉


Carrying a BALANCE on your account??? We'll be calling you TOMORROW with those specifics, so you can take care of it and still be able to register on time!

Not registering for Summer Session, but want to hold your spot for Fall??? You will also need to pay any balance on your account, and fill out the Fall Registration form, which can be found on our website, and pay your registration fee! All fees are paid online now, so follow the "make a payment" link on our website!


We are working diligently to be able to provide the highest quality program and experience that you have come to expect and love from Graceview ELC. It will have to look a little different under the new guidelines, at least for a while! But the genuine love and care, with a focus on health and safety that we have always been about, will always lead the way for us! 

We love and appreciate you all! Please email me with any questions or concerns, at

Lauren Wood

Graceview ELC Director







**ReOpening Update**

Hey ELC Families - 

Registration for our Summer Session is now open! Thank you to everyone who has already completed the Registration Form (Links found on our website as well as the post prior to this one!)! If you have not registered yet but plan to, we would ask you to please take care of it as quickly as possible, so we have the time needed to reorganize our classrooms and teachers based on the need! 

For everyone attending our Summer Session, we will be sending out info all of this coming week to help prepare you for the changes to policies and procedures that we have to make in accordance with the new "Minimum Standard Health Protocols". These are to help keep both the staff and your family safe and well!

Please follow the link below to read the specific "Checklist for Child Care Families" that has been created. There is a separate "Checklist for Child Care Centers", which outlines exactly what we must follow, and you can find it online, if you are interested (it is 13 pages long, as compared to the 3 pages you'll see below!). 

These are the protocols we will be following, so please become familiar with them! We always take the safety and wellness of our staff and students very seriously, so these new protocols will be in place when we all return to school on June 1st! Please send specific questions regarding any of this to me at

Thanks for partnering with us in the care of your kids! We can't wait to be together again soon! 


Lauren Wood

Graceview ELC Director…/OpenTexas-Checklist-Child-Care-Fami…


Hey ELC Families,

The day has finally come when we "know more"!! And what we know today is super exciting! We are thrilled to announce that we have the great privilege to REOPEN!!! Yay!


Graceview ELC will REOPEN on June 1, 2020! And Registration for our Summer Session is NOW OPEN!! Click this Registration Form link, fill out the form, pay the registration fee, and your Registration for Summer Session will be complete!


**We need ALL families to Register! You will indicate on the form if you are “returning” or “new”! Please sign up ASAP, so we can count you in!**


We cannot wait to have all of our friends back with us at the ELC! We, of course, will be following ALL of the new guidelines for health and safety! We will post those specifics for your family to review, so everyone can be prepared for our "new normal"!

We are very busy preparing the ELC for your return! Over the next 10 days we will be working diligently to check off every required guideline and put new policies/procedures in place, so we can all confidently return to school, starting June 1st!


So save your spot right now, and let us know that you'll be returning to care by completing the Registration Application! Someone from our staff will reach out to you next week, to confirm your registration.


We rejoice in this huge answered prayer, and we thank you for always joining us in prayer! We know many centers that were not able to make it through this very difficult economic season we're in! We know that by the grace of God, and through good stewardship of our resources we have this opportunity to reopen and continue providing the care for our community that God has called us to! We look forward to, once-again, partnering with you in the care of your most precious children, for the glory of the Lord! So let's keep on "growing with Grace", together!


With great excitement,
Lauren Wood
Graceview ELC Director



ELC Families,

It was so great to see so many of you this week during our "Learning Bundle" distribution times! Kristi and I loved getting to hear how you are doing, and your kiddos' smiles and waves and stories melted our hearts! We only wished we could have given hugs and high-fives! But, that day will come! For now, we hope you are enjoying helping your student with some of the packet work their teachers prepared! And maybe some dads/grandpas/other adults even helped your little prepare the enclosed "Mother's Day" gift! We would love to see how any of your art projects are coming out!


As for the news of the day, Graceview ELC is still CLOSED, and will remain closed at least through next week as well, 5/18-5/22/20.


We are still under the same guidelines I published on a previous post, which limits us to only being able to serve the children of "essential workers". As stated before, for our center, we cannot even consider re-opening until that part of the order is lifted. We are waiting on an update from the Governor, and also from our State licensing agency. Beyond that, we will still continue seeking wise counsel from Graceview and the ELC Board regarding the most prudent re-opening timeframe.


We do recognize that many of your jobs are not considered "essential" by the government, yet are obviously essential to your family! We also know, very well, the difficulties of trying to perform your job from home while also being the primary care-taker for any number of kids, of any age! This is such a challenging time for us all! Our teachers would love to be able to return to work and once again have the opportunity to provide care for your kids, but also recognize the need for us to do so in the safest way for all - considering the health of all of our staff, students, and families!


And so we wait, and pray! But waiting is so very hard, I know! We are praying for each of you! And we are praying for wisdom and clear direction! We are praying for those who are sick and have been greatly effected by COVID-19, in every way. We trust that God is still in control! We believe that, in His perfect timing, we will all be back together! We hold on to Hope, because Jesus is our Hope.


Until that time, please continue to join us for our Facebook LIVE times:

Monday's at 10am - "Music Monday", and

Thursday's at 10am - "Chapel Time".


We love and appreciate you all! Please reach out to me at if there is anything I can do for you or your family! We will continue to keep you updated here, and on our website!


Grace and Peace,

Lauren Wood

Graceview ELC Director

5/8/20 UPDATE:

ELC Families - A ton of info to share today!

1. With no changes in recommendations from State, the ELC will remain CLOSED next week, 5/11-5/15.

2. Our amazing ELC teachers have been working in shifts today to prepare the “Learning Bundles” for your kiddos! Remember that we are offering two pickup times: tomorrow, Sat. 5/9 from 11am-noon; or Mon. 5/11 from 8:00am-9:00am. Please swing by and we’ll meet you at your car! We will provide the packet from your child’s specific class, as well as your child’s Spring pictures (if you hadn’t already picked them up!). Just pull up to the main entrance, and we’ll come to you! Just remind us of who you are picking up for, and which class they are in! We’re so excited to at least get to wave at you soon!

3. Back to our amazing teachers and staff 😉, we just want to recognize them and the work they have done all year as a part of our ELC Crew! They love your kiddos so well! They continue to pray for you and your family! And we all miss ya’ll, terribly! The pics below are just a few of our Crew working today on the “Learning Bundles”! They have created enough for every child in their class, so even if you didn’t RSVP, we’ve got you covered! So, and HUGE SHOUTOUT to these incredible ladies! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻We are so thankful for them, and love and appreciate them!

Open Texas Checklist for Families




ELC Families, 

I know many of you have questions about the “Open Texas” plan recently presented by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and particularly what this means for Graceview’s ELC, our students, families and our staff. Trust me when I say that I began studying the order as soon as it came out, because, as I’ve been saying all along, we are committed to reopening as soon as is possible and prudent! Each week I’ve been providing updates on our decisions based on all of the guidance from national, state, local and licensing agencies. Today I will post for you the email I, and all licensed childcare Directors just received - just to give you a deeper understanding of why, at this time, we must remain closed. 


For the week of May 4 - May 8, 2020, the ELC will be CLOSED.


Again, this saddens me and I know it continues to effect so many of you! Our entire staff misses you and your kiddos and the opportunity to partner with you in their care. Please email me at if you have any questions or if there is anything we can help you with! 


Below, if you’re interested, is the email I mentioned above, which is the specific guidance we must follow, from our licensing agency DFPS (HHSC):


“New Executive Order GA-18 Guidance:
On April 27, Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order (GA-18), outlining phase one of businesses permitted to reopen on Friday, May 1 at 25% capacity. The Governor’s announcement is accompanied by Texans Helping Texans: The Governor's Report to Open Texas. This detailed report, available on the strike force website, helps Texans understand phase one by outlining the new protocols, guidance, and recommendations. The report also includes a series of Open Texas Checklists that outline DSHS' minimum standard health protocols for all Texans.


Child Day Care operations will continue to provide child care services to any child whose parent meets at least one of the following eligibility criteria: 

- designated as an “essential worker” according to the guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in its Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce; or
- receiving protective day care services authorized by the Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS)


Do I have to confirm a child’s eligibility to receive child day care?

- Yes, you must ensure you are only providing child day care services for children:
of essential worker; or receiving protective day care services authorized by DFPS


How do I confirm if a child is eligible to receive child day care?

- At least one parent for each child in care needs to complete Form 7265 to indicate which approved essential service they are providing as specified by the US Department of Homeland Security or the Texas Division of Emergency Management or complete Form 7264 to indicate they have been authorized by DFPS to receive protective day care services.


Am I allowed to care for children of non-essential workers?

No, Public health needs indicate that child care operations may remain open only to serve children whose parent is considered an “essential” worker under the Governor’s executive order. The Governor’s announcement on April 27th pertaining to newly re-opened businesses on May 1 does not change the requirement that a parent must certify that they work for an “essential” industry in order to be eligible to access child care. Just because a business is now open does not necessarily mean that it is considered “essential.” For more guidance on who is an “essential” worker, see the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in its Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.” (E-mail to all licensed childcare operators)


Please know we will continue making the best decisions possible and with great prayer that we’ll all get to be together again!


Join us Thursday mornings at 10am for “Chapel Time” LIVE on our Facebook page, and again on Monday, at 10am, for “Music Monday” LIVE!


We love y’all and are praying for you all! Please keep praying with us for each other and our community and all the community helpers working hard each day (that is some of you, I know 😉, and we are grateful)! 💚


Grace and Peace,
Lauren Wood
Graceview ELC Director




ELC families, 

I continue to wish that the news was not the same, but unfortunately the guidelines from the national, state, local and licensing officials remain the same, and so we must remain closed at this time.


For the week of April 27 - May 1, 2020, the ELC will be CLOSED!


Please stay safe and stay home! We love y’all and are praying for you! We hope you’re able to tune in on Monday and Thursday mornings at 10 am, or watch Music Monday and Chapel

Time with your littles, whenever you have time!


We miss y’all tremendously! As a reminder, no one was charged for the month of April, and no charges will be posted now for May either. Watch for updates and reminders about how to sign in to our new online payment system - ShelbyNext. If you are working on catching up on old charges on your account, this would be a great time to do that, if you are able! 


I’ll be in the office on Monday and can answer balance inquiry questions at that time - please simply email me at .


Thank you! See y’all:
Monday, 10 am, “Music Monday” LIVE, and
Thursday, 10 am, “Chapel Time” LIVE, both on our Facebook page!


Grace and Peace,
Lauren Wood
Graceview ELC Director


***Closure Update***

Hello ELC families! 

We pray you have enjoyed a beautiful Easter with your family! 

As we continue to follow the “Stay at Home” orders and the guidelines put out by HHSC, specifically for childcare centers, we must continue to remain closed at this time! 

For the week of 4/13-4/17/20, the ELC will remain closed.

We know this continues to be a difficult situation, as so many of you are having to work out the challenges of performing your jobs from home, while also caring for your kiddos. We are praying for you and definitely understand! And we are so anticipating the day when we can return to normal operations! 

We miss y’all greatly! I’m sure your kids have grown and changed tremendously since we last saw them! We count it a pleasure to be praying for you during this season, and always! So please keep us updated with needs and prayer requests!

This week, join us...
- Monday, at 10 am, for “Music Monday” LIVE!
- Thursday, at 10 am, for “Chapel Time” LIVE!

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we all stay home and stay safe!

Lauren Wood
Graceview ELC Director

Pick up School picture packets TODAY! Thurs. 4/9, from 10:45am - 12:45pm.

Call when you arrive! 281-357-1121

4/5/20: Closure Update:


Hello ELC Family! We find ourselves in a new month, already! WOW! We have been hearing from so many of you, and love it - from prayer requests, to how you're enjoying getting to participate in Music Monday and Thursday's Chapel Time with your sweet kiddos! Please continue reaching out!


We certainly would not have imagined this being the case, but in order to continue complying with the Federal, State, and Local guidelines/order, and with the wisdom and input from our ELC Board, and with great prayer in seeking the best decision for the health and well-being of our ELC Teachers, Students, and Families:


Our decision regarding care for next week, is to remain CLOSED, 4/6-4/10/20.


In light of this extended, and unanticipated closure, we want to make a time available for you to come and retrieve any of your child's essential, personal belongings that might have been left in their ELC classroom.
- When:
Monday, 4/6/20, from 11am-1pm
- How: You can email me ( between now and then to give me a heads up that you have something to retrieve. Include your child's name, classroom name, and what is needed (ex: diapers), and we will gather it up. Upon arrival on Monday, simply call the school (281-357-1121) and let us know you've arrived, and again indicate student's name and class. We will deliver the essential items to you, CONTACT FREE, by the exterior ELC access door.


We are still working on updating accounts, per our last correspondence. As a reminder, we have NOT posted any charges for April.


Please continue to send questions to my email at . I will reply as quickly as I am able. I appreciate your patience!


Remember to join us here on our FB page for:
"Music Monday" LIVE, 10am, on Monday;
"Chapel Time" LIVE, 10am, on Thursday;
- More resources of ideas to do with your kiddos;
- and ongoing, weekly updates!


We love and appreciate ya'll, and miss your kiddos dearly!


We'll be in contact soon.


With great love,
Lauren Wood
Graceview ELC Director

3/27/20: Closure Update:

Hello ELC Family! We find ourselves at the end of another week! It has been a week full of new information and new challenges - for all of us! We pray you are finding joy in this forced slow-down time, and enjoying the extra family time.

I say that, knowing very well the realities that "having kids at home while trying to accomplish work or be productive in any way" bring! 😉 But you are all amazing, and I know you are finding your way in this strange, new "normal". Please know that we are praying for you! Our ELC Teachers are braving the same realities, and they are praying for ya'll too!

In order to best comply with the Federal, State, and Local guidelines/order, and with the wisdom and input from our ELC Board, and with great prayer in seeking the best decision for the health and well-being of our ELC Teachers, Students, and Families:

Our decision regarding care for next week, is to remain CLOSED, 3/30-4/3/20.

This is very difficult for us, as again, we know the implications are huge. Please trust that we considered all of the "exceptions" and "exemptions" regarding child care centers, as well as the number of you parents who may qualify as "essential personnel". At this point, we still believe that remaining closed is the wisest course of action, and we continue to pray for the ability to resume normal operations as very soon as possible!

I know you all need answers regarding your ELC payment accounts. And many of you have so kindly asked how this closure is effecting our teachers as well - thank you! Graceview ELC is a ministry of Graceview Baptist Church, and you should know that the Church loves and cares for our staff and our ELC's families very deeply! We will work with every family towards a positive outcome in all of this.

The short answer regarding our staff is: we are striving to take care of our teachers in the best ways we can, right now, to help maintain their well-being, and to ensure we have staff available to return to our classrooms the minute we are able to reopen. Please join me in praying for each of them as well! We love and appreciate them dearly!

Regarding Account Charges: our plan is to pro-rate accounts for the end of March, when we were unable to provide care. If you have already paid the month in full, your account will be credited, at the Board approved amounts, and the credits applied to future charges. We are striving to do this in a way that does not put us in a position to be unable to reopen, as we do hope to return to normal operations as soon as is prudent. If you have not paid the full month of March, as billed March 1st, we would encourage you use our online payment tool, and make a payment towards your balance. Again, we know this time is not financially easy on anyone, so we are committed to working with each family for a positive outcome.

Also, we will NOT post new charges for April, as it starts this coming week. We will wait until we know a re-start date, and pro-rate the month of April accordingly.

I know you will undoubtedly have many questions, as this is a lot of information. Please send questions to my email at . I will reply as quickly as I am able. I appreciate your patience!

Continue tuning in to our FB page for more great resources for your kids this coming week! We loved doing "Chapel Live" with ya'll on Thursday, and certainly plan to do that again at 10am Thursday morning! We're also going to go LIVE on Monday at 10am for "Music Monday"! You won't want to miss that! We love and appreciate ya'll, and miss your kiddos dearly!

We'll be in contact soon.

With great love,
Lauren Wood
Graceview ELC Director

3/19/20, Closure Update: 


ELC Families, we love y’all so much! Kristi and I were so blessed by talking with and hearing from all of you yesterday! You Moms and Dads and Caregivers are amazing and doing hard things and facing so many unknowns - with great faith! Thanks for sharing your hearts, needs, and prayers requests. 


Our ELC Staff and Teachers, too, are braving these same unknowns, with faith and hope in the Lord. I couldn’t be more thankful for them and proud of them! 


Our decision regarding care for next week, is to remain CLOSED, 3/23-3/27. 


We heard you, Parents, and heard that you have need for care, but the fears of so many unknowns are great! We definitely want to operate out of facts and faith - the reality is that there are not enough facts right now! Facts do indicate new confirmed cases in our area - and we are praying. But still, too much is unknown, and opening at this time potentially puts everyone at risk, and is not wise. I know you’ll understand that we are prayerfully and diligently striving to make the best decisions for your kiddos, families and our staff - recognizing that each decision carries more unknowns!  


We are praying for each of you! We love you! We will keep making week by week decisions, which will allow us to gain more information, facts, and understanding! It is our hearts desire to serve your families well! And we are committed to reopening, as soon as is prudent. 


Please keep checking this FB page, as we’ll be uploading fun resources for your kids! And please reach out to me at with questions and concerns, updates and prayer requests!


We’ll be in contact soon.


With great love,

Lauren Wood

Graceview ELC Director 

ELC CLOSED - 3/16-3/20


Thank you for being a valued member of our ELC family.  We greatly appreciate you partnering with us in the care of your precious child.  Your and your family's safety is paramount, and we understand the concerns associated with the coronavirus.  We are closely monitoring information being presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with local health officials and school districts in regards to closures. 


Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety and well-being of our students, families, and staff we have made the proactive decision that Graceview Early Learning Center will be closed Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 20, 2020. 


As a proactive approach to safety and prevention against the corona virus Graceview Baptist Church and the ELC are utilizing a process to kill and prevent growth of viruses in our building. This process consist of a fogging application of a germ killing agent throughout our building. This process will take place on Friday March 13, 2020. A link has been provided for the product information for this Razor Antimicrobial Coating. 


Again, at this time, we will plan on our students and staff returning to school on Monday, March 23.


We will continue monitoring this fluid situation closely, and will provide any updates on our Facebook page and our school website: . 



Lauren Wood

Graceview ELC, Director

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